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Anna Sterk
Viadagio has given us an excellent opportunity to meet, share and enjoy haiku. It's wonderful to meet people from various countries in the beautiful city of Gent, and knowing that we all share a love for haiku. Ip and his people made this gathering to a top-event!
21 March 2011 - 07:39:17

Lynne Rees ( participant-GB )
The months have past, a year has turned, but my memories of the 'Haiku-in-Ghent-in-Haiku' festival remain so vivid and fresh, from the curls of fragrant steam from delicious home-made soup, to the sound of water lapping at the wooden boats; from the cobbled streets and frothy beer, to the wealth of words exchanged and written with good friends. Many thanks for organising such a wonderful event and making it a part of the city's heritage.
01 March 2011 - 20:49:39

Ion and Mihaela Codrescu (Romania)
Haiku Festival in Ghent was an international event which we appreciated very much
because we had the opportunity to know wonderful people and see remarkable historical buildings. In 2010 Ip Man and Diederik De Beir - perfect organizers of the festival - offered us the chance of meeting haiku poets from many countries of the world, to exchange ideas and opinions concerning haiku writing, and to take part in interesting activities.The panel discussions, the effort of printing an anthology of the festival in a very short period of time, the workshops, the concerts, the exhibition along the river where the haiku banners were exposed, the delicious food, the boat trips on the cannels, the walks in the old streets of the town, the pleasant atmosphere of the parties, as well as the kindness of our host and hostess are very precious memories. We are grateful to our host and hostess - Johan and Rita Pieters - as they dedicated their time to show us the town, to offer us everything we needed, and to create a warm ambience. We had the feeling of being members of their family. Thank you all for the hard work you have done to make this international meeting a succes. We will remember with great pleasure the moments spent together.

14 February 2011 - 19:51:15

Adrian Mocovei (Latvia)
It was a great time! I enjoyed very much your hospitality and warmth! Hope to visit your beautiful country again!
10 February 2011 - 20:30:47
14 February 2011 - 19:49:05

Anita Krumins (participant-Canada)
My sincere thanks to everyone who played a part in organizing this memorable event. I was honoured to be part of it.
14 February 2011 - 19:43:26

Dorota Pyra and Lech Szeglowski (Poland)
The capital of the East Flanders, Gent, is a stunning city, and particular charm is added to this place by kindness of its habitants. We are pleased and delighted that in such an aura we had chance to meet the people from the different corners of the world, to express the mood and special character of Gent through haiku. The hospitality of hosts of The Haiku Festival, their unique dedication made the festival extremely spectacular and unforgettable.
Thank you all for gifting us that so incredible September weekend.

Dorota Pyra and Lech Szeglowski
07 February 2011 - 00:25:48

Bundervoet Markus
the haikufamily forever
04 February 2011 - 12:11:44

George Swede (participant-Canada)
The International Haiku Festival in Gent was among the most interesting and involving conferences I've attended over the past 50 years. A thousand thanks to Ip Man, Diederik De Beir and the City Councillors.
02 February 2011 - 21:09:12

Judit Vihar (participant-Hungary)
it was so nice in September, in autumn of Ghent! In internet you maked a wonderful memory! Thank you very much. I thinked about our September and wrote this haiku:

silver fry flicker
snaffed star in autumn -
vision of Ghent

in Hungarian:

kis ezüstlazac
csen egy csillagot ősszel
ghenti álomkép
02 February 2011 - 21:07:44

Sharon Burrell (participant-Ireland)
What can I say? Such wonderful memories of my time spent in Gent. We encountered wonderful hospitality both from the organisers of the festival and the host family. Gent is a truly stunning city, which seemed to breathe history from every street corner. The whole festival was so inspirational and it was such a pleasure to meet a mixture of people with different cultures and languages, but with a love of nature and haiku in common. Thank you so very much for including me in this experience!
02 February 2011 - 21:02:07

Zoran Mimica (participant-Croatia)
It was so beautiful that I have no words to describe it, thanks!
02 February 2011 - 20:54:49

Yvonne Pollenus
Dti festival was een ongelooflijke ervaring voor alle partijen, met prachtresultaten die Gent op cultureel vlak rijker maken. Een pluim voor de organisatoren !
23 January 2011 - 14:53:30

Danièle Duteil (France)
Let me thank you for all you did for me and for the nice reception you offered to each of us in your restaurant. The fest was very well organized from morning sailing on the misty river to evening with the great quality of music and songs.
I was really glad to read the French traduction of the haïku and to meet a lot of international poets which I allready read without being able to put a head on the name.

Written on Ip's boat :

On the old bridge
the hooves of a blind horse
the mist thicker.

Best regards

Danièle Duteil

05 January 2011 - 21:45:34

Nadine Van Poucke
Beste Ip Man, Enkele weken geleden maakten we samen met jou een onvergetelijke tocht doorheen de stilte. Nog steeds genieten we na en het wordt meermaals bovengehaald. Na al het genieten van haiku's probeerde ik er zelf een te maken:

In stilte bewegen
op het ritme van het kabbelend water
samen genieten

Bedankt voor deze toffe namiddag hij was meer dan de moeite waard!

01 January 2011 - 20:36:19

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